Sam Salmeron

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Sam Salmeron

Meet Sam Salmeron

Samantha Soledad Salmeron (aka Sola) is a Long Island born, Queen City raised, actress, songstress, and humanitarian. Sola has acquired a performing arts title through conservatory style education, including a Fine Arts degree in Acting, at the University of North Carolina in Greensboro. Due to Sola’s non-traditional upbringing, she felt implored to pursue her passions since she was a young child.

She spent her formative years and adolescence performing in musicals, plays, and dance recitals. During Sola’s college years, outside of her scheduled rehearsals, she began to dabble in music promotion. Through familial ties and longtime connections Sola found herself in tune with the music scene in cities such as Charlotte, Greensboro, and Raleigh North Carolina. Sola began attending shows and recording performances– only to eventually host and perform events herself.

After graduating in 2020 Sola spent her quarantine ethically seeking roles locally and online. She began starring in independent film work, and collaborating with young student film directors in the North Carolina Triad Area.

In the midst of the pandemic Sola released her debut single “Selfish” along with the visual experience that is the “Selfish” music video. “The Sola Show” EP has since been released– featuring her hottest single “Selfish” & many other hits.

Sola is mostly known for her social media presence on TikTok, Instagram, & Twitter @solalaledad where she authentically showcases her gregarious— off beat personality. From live shows of her performing “Mukbangs” to viral memes about her spiritual beliefs, Sola takes the cake as a trendy yet woke influencer.